Historic Streetsville

The Village in the City

As historically significant as the heritage building from which Old Barber House takes its name, is the beautiful village in which it is situated. Established in 1829, Streetsville is Mississauga’s oldest township, not to mention its prettiest. The Village in the City, as it is affectionately known, is located on Mississauga Road, itself acclaimed a Cultural Landscape and one of the area’s oldest thoroughfares.

From specialty shopping on Queen Street to exquisite international dining and soul- soothing spas, Streetsville exudes old world charm and contemporary ambiance in perfect balance. It is a picturesque community that has kept its identity while absorbing the conveniences of the city around it and it knows how to celebrate life. Christmas in the Village is a weekend of pure magic and summer’s Bread and Honey Festival is a 3-day event of feasting and fun honouring the village’s founders.

Streetsville, it’s your place in history... and just a 45-minute commute to Toronto via GO train.

Old Barber Image